Author: brian

Mason Me Crazy

Carla Lauter aka THe Beer Babe joins us!! We talk a lot about what has been going on in Maine. We also talk about The Brewers Association trying to raise $213 Billion (with a B) to buy AB INBev. Enjoy! Follow along with our show notes. Follow us on Facebook to check out the video of this episode.

Good To Gose

Jeff returns from Louisiana and Florida and talks about his beer adventures…and misadventures. Brian runs 203ish miles, visits Alchemist, Treehouse, Hill Farmstead and lives to tell the tale. They also talk about a beer made for women going through menopause, yes that’s a thing. All that and more news!

Beirut Gambrinus w/ Nick Evans

Beer man Nick Evans of York River Landing, Johnsons Seafood & Steak and all around Seacoast fame hops in the studio with Brian and Jeff to talk about how he got his passion for beer. They then get into talking a lot about dream tap lists, once in a lifetime festivals and much more. Follow Nick on Instagram and be sure to follow Johnsons and York River Landing on Untappd for all the updates! Subscribe to our Facebook Page where you can watch all of our live shows.

The Inaugural Power Hour Episode

Brian, Ben and Jeff sit down for a power hour, where they drin a shot of beer every minute for one hour. We hope you enjoy this experiment. Spoiler alert: We did it. Click here to watch the video and we hope you subscribe to our Facebook Page where you can watch all of our live shows.