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2017 Seacoast Microbrew Festival

We set up an outdoor podcast studio at the 2017 Seacoast Microbrew Festival in Dover. We chat with brewers and festgoers. After that we go back to the studio to tell you about breweries we have been too since our last podcast as well as a lot of local beer news. Follow us on Twitter at (@lets_talk_beer) Follow us on Instagram (letstalkbeer)

The Jeff Lee Experiment

Brian brings acclaimed fast food reviewer Jeff Lee to his house to see if he has the chops for podcasting. He shows up with a beer that has poop in it…what could go wrong? They talk about long beer lines, cleaning out the cellar, some of their favorite destination breweries and how they almost flew to Chicago on a whim.

Let’s Talk Cider – North Country Hard Cider

In the inaugural episode of Let’s Talk Cider, Brian and Ben sit down with North Country Hard Cider’s Silas Gordon and Ron Dixon and talk to them about what it’s like making cider in a very beer heavy state. We also get into the thought process behind some of their well known ciders. Follow North Country on Instagram and Facebook. Check out Dixon’s Revenge Trail Race on April 29!

Let’s Talk Beer – Garrison City Beerworks

Brian and Ben sit down with Nicole Gray of Dover, NH’s Garrison City Beer Works to talk about how she went from Radiology to brewing, the recent all female beer collaboration Saison Femelle and we accidentally stumble into “Let’s Not Talk Beer” territory a couple times talking about what our go to female karoke songs are. Follow Garrison City on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Untappd. For more information check out Things talked about