Brian’s Top 10 NH Breweries of 2018

What another great year this has been for beer in New Hampshire. Many new breweries have opened and some, sadly, have shut their doors. It is odd to call breweries closing a “trend”, but I highly doubt that every New Hampshire brewery operating at this time will be around by the time I make my 2019 Top 10. Wow, sorry to be a downer out of the gate, just my view from the podcast studio.

Regardless, I have taken a new approach to ranking breweries this year. Last year I put 20 or so on a white board and widdled it down to 10. This year I am using the lovely site Pub Meeple, which is designed to rank lists of Board Games, but you can feed it any list and it puts two items against each other, you select which item you like better, then the list continues. I put in the list every NH  brewery I had a beer from this year (44). This is important to note because there will be times where I have to pick between breweries who I deem have equally stellar (or not stellar) beer. That’s where overall experience comes into play. If I have a better experience, I pick that brewery. 

After 183 head to head comparisons I have a ranked list of 44 breweries, but I am only giving you the top 10. If your favorite made it on this top 10 list, awesome! If your favorite didn’t make this list, consider it #11 and cross your fingers for next year. This is just supposed to be a fun thing so in the event someone asks me for my favorite brewery in New Hampshire I can say “Here you go, also here’s nine more.” Enjoy!

  1. Chapel + Main- Dover
  2. Liars Bench Beer Co- Portsmouth
  3. Portsmouth Brewery- Portsmouth
  4. Schilling Beer Co/Resilience Brewing- Littleton
  5. Earth Eagle Brewings- Portsmouth
  6. Hobbs Tavern & Brewing Co- W. Ossipee
  7. Henniker Brewing Co- Henniker
  8. Stoneface Brewing Co- Newington
  9. Moat Mountain Smokehouse & Brewery- N. Conway
  10. Garrison City Beerworks- Dover

Overall I accept the science behind the ranking system used this year and I stand behind these results. There are definitely some differences from last year’s list but every single year brings new beer and experiences. These rankings are my own and they don’t mean anything yada yada you know the deal.

I hope you all have a great rest of 2018. Be prepared for Ben and I to be back at it again in 2019 with a lot more from Let’s Talk Beer. Thank you all so much for the support with this, we do it for you and the feedback has been great.


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