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Aaaaand we’re back!

Between releasing the pilot episode of the Let’s Talk Beer podcast and today, Brian moved to Singapore for a month and I increased my human litter by one with a baby girl. So, yeah, a lot has happened in a year! We are officially returning, however, with full force. We are proud to be re-launching Let’s Talk Beer, both the website and the podcast. The LTB podcast will focus on talking to local personalities in and around the brewing industry, focusing mainly on brewers but also incorporating shop owners or restaurateurs; the “beer adjacent,” if you will. We’ll also be continuing with more episodes of Let’s NOT Talk Beer, where you’ll still get to know the same people, but in the capacity outside of the beer world – what music they love, stories from their past, and what drives them day-to-day. You can hear our pilot of this show with the now former Minister of Propaganda from Smuttynose, JT Thompson, by clicking here.  We hope you’ll enjoy this new revitalization! Drop us a line if you or someone you know are in the beer industry and would like to be on the podcast.  To subscribe to our show click here for the many ways to listen to it.

Let’s Not Talk Beer 1 – JT Thompson

Welcome to a new podcast from Ben and Brian of Let’s Talk Beer called Let’s Not Talk Beer. In this podcast series we will be sitting down with personalities from the Seacoast and talking to them about their lives, loves, and liquor. You may recognize some guests from the beer world but you won’t hear anything about beer in the conversations we have. In the pilot episode of Let’s Not Talk Beer we are talking with JT Thompson of Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose Brewery. We discuss, among other hot topics, Phish shame, Mel Brooks, the rise of Kittery and the best years of Portsmouth, as well as Brian’s inner love for Linkin Park and Wrestling. The drink of choice during this show was The Dalmore 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch We hope you enjoy! -Brian & Ben Subscribe today on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app.