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The Inaugural Power Hour Episode

Brian, Ben and Jeff sit down for a power hour, where they drin a shot of beer every minute for one hour. We hope you enjoy this experiment. Spoiler alert: We did it. Click here to watch the video and we hope you subscribe to our Facebook Page where you can watch all of our live shows.

Closing Breweries

The main topic of discussion is the recent surge of brewery closings. Using the Draft Magazine article “This is Why My Brewery Shut Down“, Brian, Ben and Jeff talk about what this means for the future of craft beer in general and for the breweries local to them. Enjoy the show? Follow us on Facebook where you can watch the show live when it’s recorded. Also check us out on Instagram where you can ask us questions that we will read on the show. Link to Video Discussed Draft Mag: This is Why My Brewery Shut Down Ebeneezer’s BrewPub Closes Ebeneezer’s BrewPub for Sale 3 Brothers Marketplace Closes Breweries for Sale/ Off Topic

Bud Stuff

Jeff comes back to the show demanding to be called an official co-host. To distract him from those thoughts Brian and Jeff talk about the two latest brewery acquisitions in the last week, continued discussion about “big beer” and take your questions! This was also filmed live for Facebook, be sure to check us out there at Click here for the video Beers During Show Mystic Table Beer 2012 Founders Backwoods Bastard 2013 Sierra Nevada Big Foot Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine 2012 Dogfish Head Olde School Talked about New Belgium, Oud Beersel & Dick Cantwell Rescue Magnolia Brewing From Bankruptcy Funky Buddha Brewery Has Been Acquired By Constellation Brands w/ Comments The Bruery Announces East Coast Retail Expansion Bud Light marketers shift focus to what is in the glass in latest television campaign

Sean Stays Cheesy in Milwaukee

Sean Jansen of drops by the studio to tell Brian and Jeff about his trip to the 2017 Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference in Milwaukee. He shares beers and talks about visits to Pabst, some cool beer technology seen at the expo and other takeaways. Also Brian declares he is officially done with New England Style IPAs and Jeff continues the hunt for the perfect domain name for his food videos. Follow Sean on Twitter and Instagram and at Beers Lakefront Brewery Dylan Dortmunder Lager Dangerous Man Brewing Co Imperial Honey Wit Beared Iris Brewing Red Handed Double IPA Links Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference Growler Chill Beer Labels in Motion Growler Fills Huck Fin’s Beer Buzz