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Let’s Talk Beer – Garrison City Beerworks

Brian and Ben sit down with Nicole Gray of Dover, NH’s Garrison City Beer Works to talk about how she went from Radiology to brewing, the recent all female beer collaboration Saison Femelle and we accidentally stumble into “Let’s Not Talk Beer” territory a couple times talking about what our go to female karoke songs are. Follow Garrison City on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Untappd. For more information check out Things talked about

WHYM PBW Kick-off Megasode

We set up a podcast booth in the grotto of WHYM during the Unofficial Official Kickoff to Portsmouth Beer Week 2017. Interviews with: 2:31 – Silas Gordon (North Country Cider) & Frank Zagami (Deciduous) 16:35 – David Adams (Granite State Growler Tours) 23:27 – Joe Berwanger (Neighborhood) 28:50 – Charlie Ireland (Smuttlabs) 31:21 – Matt Gallagher and Maxine Munsey (Portsmouth) 40:21 – Steve Schmidt (Smuttynose) 44:45 – Jeff Gray (Bad Lab) 49:31 – Josh Henry (7th Settlement) 58:30 – Michael Potorti (Beara Irish) 1:03:20 – Nicole Carrier & Annette Lee (Throwback) 1:12:00 – Rob Gonzalez (Jack’s Abby) 1:22:11 – Renee Capicchioni Vannata (Brew NH) 1:44:12 – Sean Jansen (2BeerGuys) 1:51:54 – Alex Aviles (WHYM) For more information about Portsmouth Beer Week head over to

Let’s Talk Beer – The Flight Center

February 23, 2017. Brian sits down with Seth Simonian, owner of The Flight Center, New Hampshire’s newest beer bar and bottle shop located in Nashua New Hampshire. For more information on flight center head over to