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Frank Verdillo

Everyone is in the studio! Welcoming the first chef to gthe podcast, Chef Frank Verdillo of The Kitchen on Islington Street in Portsmouth, NH. The boys talk about what its like serving drinks at 5am to “questionable” people in Brooklyn, do food shows paint a good picture of chefs, and play one of our hottest games yet. We recorded this live on Facebook as well if you would like to watch. Click here. To find out more about the kitchen follow them on Instagram, Facebook and check out their website at

LTB News 5-14-18

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Loaded Question Brewing Co.

Brian and Jeff sit down with Tom Bath at his brewery, Loaded Question, located at 909 Islington Street in the West End of Portsmouth, NH. They talk about what it takes to turn an old building into a brewery, as well as the challenges home brewers face going from 5 gallons to 3 barrels. For more information on Loaded Question Brewing Co. head over to

LTB News 5-6-18

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