More Dr. J!

You may or may not have asked for it, but you are most certainly going to get it. Dr J Returns! Devon (Henniker), Randy (Hobbs Tavern) and CJ (NHBA) join Brian and Ben at Henniker Brewery to catch up on their breweries, talk about the lager/double IPA craze and much much more! Don’t forget ot get your tickets to the NH Brewer’s Festival at!

Backyard Brewery

Brian and Cathi sit down with Admiral Paul St. Onge of Backyard Brewery & Kitchen at 1211 South Mammoth Road in Manchester, NH. We talk about what it’s like to have all eyes on you in the fishbowl, why you should stop here before a flight out of MHT, and the art of the Crowler. Keep up to date with Backyard on Facebook and Instagram.

Frank Verdillo

Everyone is in the studio! Welcoming the first chef to gthe podcast, Chef Frank Verdillo of The Kitchen on Islington Street in Portsmouth, NH. The boys talk about what its like serving drinks at 5am to “questionable” people in Brooklyn, do food shows paint a good picture of chefs, and play one of our hottest games yet. We recorded this live on Facebook as well if you would like to watch. Click here. To find out more about the kitchen follow them on Instagram, Facebook and check out their website at